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Eckstein Brothers


Behind the Silberrenner are Tobias and Lutz Eckstein, two enthusiasts with a talent for invention. The brothers come from a family with a long-standing fascination with vehicles and mobility. 


Great-granduncle Friedrich Würmell (picture left) worked as an engineer for Carl Benz and was already sitting on the Victoria (Vis-á-Vis) with son of Karl Benz and master craftsman of Karl Benz. The brothers Tobias and Lutz have also been enthusiastic about vehicles of all kinds since childhood. When it is about pedal cars, the two of them worked together since they were children (picture on the right).


Lutz Eckstein has made his passion his profession. After working in the automotive industry, he is heading the Institute for vehicle engineering at RWTH Aachen University since 2010.

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