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The Silberrenner (silver racer) is based on the racing vehicles from the 1930s. The elegant body is just one special feature of this pedal car. 

Designed and engineered by Prof. Dr. Lutz Eckstein the Silberrenner  combines maximum functionality with a well engineered design and low weight.  


Getting perfectly into the seat, agility and precision, smooth running and comfort and last but not least the clever belt drive offer a vehicle technology quality that is unique in this class.

Get into the seat

A children's pedal car to get in-to, not sit on-to. The combination of self-supporting light weight frame and plastic body allows the little drivers easy entry and exit of the car with a unique driver and driving experience.

And should there be an obstacle to overcome (e.g. a kerb), just stand up, lift the car (like braces) and drive on.

Agility and precision

Unique maneuverability, steering stability and precision thanks to technology like the big ones.

The details:

- Ackermann steering with up to 40° steering angle

- Good straight-line stability thanks to minimal steering roll radius.

- Double transverse leaf spring suspension made of machined aerospace aluminum

- Adjustable toe

- Aerospace aluminum rear axle 

Smooth running and comfort

Of course, the Silberrenner rolls on spoked wheels with pneumatic tires for the right driving experience and maximum rolling comfort.

The aluminum wheel hubs in Rohloff quality with high-quality PTFE bearings and the Alpina spokes for the 12'' tires are custom made for this vehicle.

Silberrenner Pedale IMG_2475.jpg
Refined belt drive 

Propulsion is via a belt drive that drives the rear axle. You step on a pedal crank made of bent stainless steel and wooden pedals. The belt drive is cleverly concealed in the aluminum frame and mounted in high-quality PTFE plain bearings.

Technical specifications:

Length x Width X Heigth:

1200mm x 600mm x 450mm


Weight: under 10 kg

Designed for children up to 110 cm tall.*

*The product is intended for collectors who are at least 14 years old until further notice.

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